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When we look back on these times I think we will notice a big drop in the world of prints. Everything sits on hard drives–destined to disappear. I think a photographic print is the ultimate expression of an image. Bringing our work into the world in the form of a print or a book gives our experiences and ideas life. Consider making and sending a small postcard print to a friend.

I print my color photographic images in two sizes:  14X20 inch prints on 17X22 inch paper in editions of 25, and 35X52 inch prints on 40X60 inch paper in editions of 7.

I created a limited collection of hand-pulled photogravures, sized approximately 7X5 inches on 20X16 inch paper. Please write for more information.

Please inquire about availability and pricing to



One Thousand Moons is $45 plus $5 for shipping within the United States. Enter 2017 in the coupon box to receive 25% off through December 31. Orders from other countries will be contacted with shipment options.

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